We help you focus on the things you do best by taking a personalised approach for your payroll management, salary packaging and tax minimisation.

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We know your industry and we have you covered. From basic payroll management to fully tailored salary packages with vehicles, rental properties or LAFHA. We take care of it all so you can focus on what you do best.

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If you have negotiated a contract directly with your client you don’t deal with the hassle of setting up your own company and obtaining your own professional insurance policies–We have the perfect solution for your BYO contract.

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You have your own company but you want to be sure your invoicing and receivables are managed efficiently. Our pass-through invoicing service will fit seamlessly into your existing company structure saving you time and energy.

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Based on our decades of experience we have developed our own payroll management system–ProPayroll. ProPayroll is reliable, intuitive and customised for the labour-hire industry and available as a fully supported cloud service, accessed through your own branded portal.

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With competitive rates and personally tailored solutions, we have the perfect package for you.

Lite Package


  • - Includes all the basics*
  • - You are paid after funds are received from your agency or client

The bare essentials to get you up and running fast.

Essentials Package


  • - Includes all the basics*
  • - Basic salary packaging
  • - Get paid on the Tuesday pay-run
  • - Tax return included

Great for first time contractors–get paid regularly regardless of fund transfer status from your agency or client.

Comprehensive Package


  • - Includes all the basics*
  • - Fully customised salary packaging – superannuation, cars, LAFHA, rental property expenses, deductible professional expenses and more.
  • - Tax return included

The best overall choice for maximising your financial position.

Tailored packages


  • - Opt in, or out, for Salary Packaging and Payment Accelerators
  • - Tax return included
  • - Personal consult with our team to define just what’s right for you

In-House Salary Packaging


  • - Fully managed lease service
  • - Not restricted to particular employers or limited vehicles
  • - Flexible and transferrable

Our Payment Accelerator

Speed up your pay with our game-changing Payment Accelerators and take control of your financial success.

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